Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking - Improving asset management

The FleetManagerLite is a quad band/GPRS/GPS tracking unit designed to be deployed globally. A simple 3 wire installation design which delivers back real-time asset monitoring information. Each event includes; location, date, time, speed, direction and status information. Events include:

  • Ignition/power on
  • Ignition/power off
  • Harsh acceleration/braking
  • Harsh cornering
  • Starting
  • Stopped/parked
  • Idle warning
  • Excessive idle warning
  • Input 1 closed/open (Panic Button)
  • Privacy on/off
  • Over speed start/stop

This information is delivered via our web site delivering information to those that need it.

The Fleet Manager Lite has additional options of Driver ID, Driver feedback and driver behaviour allowing the organisation and the driver to understand if the vehicles are being utilised in a safe and economical manner. The unit also has the capability to monitor 3 I/O’s an analogue input and 1 wire capability for applications such as temperature monitoring.

Why Choose Us

Amazing Service

Our UK based support centre are here to help you and your business when you need us.

Take Control

Take back control and get realtime information about your fleet how it is being operated.

Improve Employee Safety

In case of an emergency, your employees will be able to get the help they need in good time.

Reduced Insurance

Many insurers provide discount to vehicle owners who install vehicle tracking systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically a unit is installed into your vehicle and it sends the data to a satellite. This then sends the information to our server which you have access to and there you can then see your vehicles you want to track.

This is the first intial thought of many companies however the reality is very different. The system costs from as little as 75p per day dependent on which package you go for. The reduction in fuel costs alone are up to 30% and this is without taking into account the increase in business productivity.

Not at all the system is designed to reduce business costs and secure employee jobs. Not only is it used as a duty of care but to keep the drivers safe. We can show you how to implement the system to give maximum effect.